Gisell Calderón is a first-generation Latinx artist exploring themes of immigration, industry, fashion, music and subculture. Her film works have been screened at various venues and film festivals on occupied Dakota land, including: Trylon Cinema, Altered Esthetics Film Festival, Video Variant, Vector 9, Bryant Lake Theater, Feminist Video Quarterly, Weitz Cinema and on various basement and living room projectors. She is a budding photographer and, in 2019, received the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council Next Step grant for the creation of her first photo book.

Currently based out of Minneapolis, she also works to provide freelance creative services in the forms of: photography, photo editing, videography, video editing, motion graphics, audio recording, production assistance, etc. She prioritizes activist and mutual-aid based organizations.

inquiries, information, encounters:


pronouns she/her/they/them

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